One of the greatest struggles you will face as a Church Planter/Small Church Pastor is always comparing your church to a bigger church that seems to have it all together. There are many reasons why this is not healthy, and I hope to help you out with how you look at yourself in the beginning stages of your church plant.

First of all Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 10:12 that it is NOT a good idea to get caught up in the comparison trap. It never works out good for anyone, especially the one who’s doing all of the comparing. So, just STOP it before you ever start it. You will remove a ton of frustration by just being content with where you are at each stage and enjoy the moment.

That leads me to my second point, and that is, when you spend all of your time comparing what you do not have to what everyone else has, you miss the opportunity to be grateful for what you do have. God is not going to bless you with more until He knows He can trust you with what you already have. Let that sink in…

Planting a church or pastoring a small church with passion and joy is NOT about settling for less, it’s about doing all you can with everything you have been given. It is about doing right NOW with WHAT you already have…NOT waiting until one day when your church is bigger, and you have more to work with!

So what if your church is small!

ALL Church Plants start off SMALL! I repeat…ALL…EVERY SINGLE CHURCH PLANT starts off SMALL! Sometimes it is just the Pastor and his family. Sometimes it is the Pastor’s family and one other person, or a few other people. Face it…YOU ARE SMALL, but that does NOT mean that SMALL has to be a problem, or a mentality that paralyzes your faith and determination to DO everything you must do in order to give God something to bless!

So what if your church is not a “big church.” You don’t have the resources that “they have.” You cannot do what “they do.”

STOP worrying about what you do not have and what you cannot do…YET, and DO what you CAN with what you HAVE RIGHT NOW! 

Embrace THE SIZE of YOUR CHURCH, whatever it is, and refuse to settle.