I came across this book earlier this year that helped me tremendously and I’d like to encourage EVERY Church Planter and anyone pastoring a “SMALL CHURCH” (defined as a church under 250) to get this book and read it immediately! This is one of those books I wished I had read when I started my first church at the age of 27 in Lawrenceville, GA. Currently on my 2nd church plant in metro Atlanta (Acworth, GA), this book has provided some incredible insight to the struggles that many/MOST small church pastors deal with and what to do about it. I have personally recommended this book to a handful of guys I personally talk to on a regular basis and would like to encourage every pastor of a SMALL CHURCH, Church Planter or someone considering starting a church to get this book and read it…like right NOW! It is THAT GOOD! Trust me…I’ve started 2 churches and THIS BOOK needs to be REQUIRED READING for ANYONE who wants to start a church!

I believe in this book so much that if you are currently planting a church, are bi-vocational, and do not have the funds to purchase it, let me know and I will buy it for you and have it shipped to your door. If you are a small church pastor (of 1oo & UNDER) and cannot afford to purchase this book, let me know and I will buy it for you and have it shipped to your door. Disclaimer: IF you do not intend to read this book, please don’t waste my money. But if you are sincerely interested in reading this book, but funds are tight (and I’ve been there so I totally understand), Plant238 would like to buy this book for you and make sure you have the chance to read it. 

This is just one way that Plant238 would like to partner with you in hopes of offering some much needed encouragement, inspiration, and practical help.

I cannot wait for you to read this book. Please leave us a comment after you’ve read it and let us know what you think about the book.