I want you to look at the image above again.

What do you see?

That’s right…you see trees! All different sizes, but all trees, nonetheless.

When you looked at the image you did not distinguish between the different sizes. You did not pick apart the image and determine that the only ones that qualified as trees were the bigger ones. You know why? Because the size of the tree is not what makes it a tree!

A tree is a tree…REGARDLESS OF ITS SIZE!

Now I want you to take that same principle and apply it to YOUR CHURCH! It is NOT the SIZE of YOUR CHURCH that makes it a Church! It does not matter whether you have 3, 30,  or 300! It does not matter whether you are meeting in a house, a coffee shop, a hotel meeting room, a conference room, a store front, or your own building…regardless of how big your building is. 

A church is a church…REGARDLESS OF ITS SIZE!

There’s not one single scripture that excludes a “smaller church” from receiving the promises, power, and provisions that God gave every church.

Dear Church Planter/Small Church Pastor, please do yourself a huge favor and STOP COMPARING YOUR CHURCH SIZE to everyone else’s church size. Stop worrying about your church getting BIGGER, and just be a GREAT church at the size you are right now. Stop complaining about everything you don’t have and do the best you can with what you have right now!

I’ve seen people receive the Holy Ghost in their kitchen. I’ve seen people receive the Holy Ghost in hotel meeting rooms and conference centers. I’ve baptized people in borrowed baptistry’s, hotel pools, and horse troughs. (I’ve baptized a lot of people in a house trough!) The point is, we were just as much a church in the hotel meeting room as we are now in our current building. We were just as much a church with 12 people in our first service at the Fairfield Inn & Suites as we are with 90 people now!

Remember…a tree is a tree regardless of its size, and a church is a church regardless of its size!